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I'm a drummer based in Sydney and I like documenting drumming explorations and creations. Scroll dwon to hear solo and collaborative releases.

Listen to an interview with Simon on Nick Allbrook's podcast "Run To Paradise" that explores shifting focus from speed and distance to form and experience, as well as intersections between barefoot running and drumming

New Release! Chants Kinetic Vol.1.

"Precipice", new music performed on drumset and Lyra 8

New Release!! Variations on a Running Rhythm. A drum chant utilising a collection of new rhythm/sticking shapes

"On Running" Critically acclaimed recording featuring Phil Slater (trumpet), Carl Dewhurst (guitar)

A collection of single tracks that are ideas, sounds, and vocabulary areas I really had fun developing and recording

"Road and Coil" performed on drumset and Lyra 8

"From Mino Hills" music for high/low drums based on "coil" shapes I've been developing

Urgency! "Drum Chants for Kibati and the Marshall Islands". A collection of solo drumming chants

My first solo drumming recording, released back in 2010.

In the early 2000s I was thinking about the distinct flavours of drumset performance found in places such as Jamaica, Nigeria, New Orleans, New York, Brazil, Europe, Cameroon ect.. and I was wondering what a drummer living in Asia Pacific/Australia would play if regional approaches were the primary influence. I was also interested in the numerous influences feeding in to American drumset performance (Cuban, Brazilian, Caribbean) and how those places are geographically close to each other.

Throughout my 20s and early 30s I was very fortunate to be touring constantly with bands from Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, and the broader Asia Pacific region, and those experiences, collaborations, mentorships and friendships greatly shaped how I think about the drumset.

These experiences and friendships led to periods of intense study, collaboration and creative experimentation/development resulting in material found on "Driftwood".

Whilst "Driftwood" was mainly shaped by studies and collaborations in Korea, all other releases on this website feature rhythmic shapes, stickings, and conceptual spaces that were generated from orginal processes and systems developed in the years from 2012 to present, and mostly dictated by physical and psychological aspects of barefoot running.

Chiri "The Return of Spring". Critically acclaimed recording by Scott Tinkler (trumpet), Bae Il Dong (voice), and Simon Barker