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I'm a drummer based in Sydney. I like documenting drumming experiments/explorations. This website is a space for offering these recordings.

A new drum song:

A new release by Showa 44! Event Two (featuring Carl Dewhurst - Guitar, SImon Barker - drums)

Two new tracks created in frustration at Australia's ongoing lack of action on climate change (Simon Barker - drums, guitar)

A new drum chant inspired by barefoot running experiences

"Precipice", new music performed on drumset and Lyra 8

New Release! "Trails Combine" featuring Phil Slater and Matt McMahon
New release! A B Ten (Learning in Change)
Road and Coil
New Release! 'On Running 2: Mirage Sustains' Simon Barker (drums), Phil Slater (trumpet), Carl Dewhurst (bells)

"Road and Coil" new music performed on drumset and Lyra 8

"On Running" featuring Phil Slater (trumpet), Carl Dewhurst (guitar), Simon Barker (drums and electric bass)