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New Release! "A B Ten (Learning in Change)"

NEW RELEASE! "Chant and Key", a new solo drumset recording dedicated to saxophonist Mark Simmonds

New Release! 'On Running 2: Mirage Sustains' Simon Barker (drums), Phil Slater (trumpet), Carl Dewhurst (bells)

New release! A B Ten (Learning in Change)
Road and Coil
"Chant Coils" new drumming chants on high/low drums

"Urgency! (Vol.1) Drum Chants for Kiribati and the Marshall Islands". To see videos of these performances or to find out more, please visit theĀ Urgency page
New release by Chiri!! 'Lines Blend' featuring Bae il Dong (voice), Simon Barker (drums), Scott Tinkler (trumpet)